– Alice Building Resident

“I live in the Alice building, in the city of Providence and I wouldn't live anywhere else. I've lived in this building for about 2 years now and haven't had any qualms about the place. The staff are super helpful and timely with bills. If you have any questions they never go unanswered and the office makes sure to keep you happy. Not to mention that most of the neighbors in the building are super friendly and don't make elevator rides as awkward as we all know they can be."
"Apart from that, each apartment has it's own charm and a view of the city as well as wooden floors! It's easy to make your loft/apartment feel like home. Then there is the city, bursting with activity and copious amounts of things to do. If you're a light sleeper it may be a little hard for you being surrounded by action all the time. If you're like me and can sleep anywhere, anytime you'll enjoy the movies in the park, walkathons, block parties and so much more that happen right at your doorstep. It has been so worth it choosing to live here, and my friends love coming over too, so I hope other people can bask in the beauty of Alice."

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